How AR saves time and money?


A cost-saving revolution in the automotive industry


In today's competitive automotive industry, optimizing downstream processes is crucial for staying ahead. One transformative technology making waves in this sector is Augmented Reality (AR). Companies like BMW and Toyota have harnessed AR's power to save time, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Enhanced Service Resolution

Time is money, especially in customer service. AR accelerates issue resolution by enabling technicians to connect with remote experts using smart glasses. This hands-free approach significantly reduces service time, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

BMW's implementation of TeamViewer Frontline's AR solution, xAssist, exemplifies this success. It not only improved time-to-resolution but also gave BMW a competitive edge, ensuring quicker customer service and enhanced customer experiences.

Reduced Travel Costs

In situations where on-site mechanics face complex issues, AR offers an elegant solution. Technicians can don AR glasses, connect with remote experts, and share real-time visuals, eliminating the need for experts to travel to the location. Toyota, for instance, reduced field visits by an impressive 20%, resulting in substantial savings.

Efficient Training and Knowledge Sharing

Training and onboarding are crucial in an industry evolving as rapidly as the automotive sector. AR simplifies training with its capacity for remote onboarding and knowledge sharing. This is vital, especially with experienced personnel retiring, creating a knowledge gap. AR bridges this gap by making expert knowledge accessible through training modules and direct calls.

By reducing employee training costs and making knowledge widely available, AR significantly contributes to cost savings and workforce development.


Calculating ROI

Of course, realizing these savings requires an initial investment in hardware, software, and services. To calculate your return on investment (ROI), consider factors like hardware costs, software licenses, service costs, and labor costs. Compare these expenses to the money saved and potential additional revenue from improved services.

To get a more specific estimate tailored to your business case, reach out to our experts.


Choosing the Right AR Solution

TeamViewer's AR platform, Frontline, offers versatile solutions for various use cases in the automotive industry, including:

xPick for inventory and picking

xMake for assembly instructions, QA, and training

xInspect for guided maintenance, service, diagnosis, and troubleshooting

xAssist for remote support, after-sales support, and live knowledge transfer


Unlock the potential of AR to transform your downstream processes, save costs and drive efficiency in the automotive sector - contact us for the next steps.


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