AR supported glasses are now business-as-usual at DHL


Industrial Augmented reality for Logistics, Assembly, Maintenance and Service by TeamViewer Frontline

TeamViewer Frontline is a fully integrated productivity solution platform. It improves work efficiency and simplifies processes for 80% of today’s workforce – those who work outside the office and away from desks.

Frontline is built on 4 main modules:

  1. Vision Picking for Logistics and Warehousing
  2. Make-by-Vision for Guided Manufacturing and Production
  3. AR Solution for Inspection and Maintenance
  4. Remote Assistance with Augmented Reality

Manual logistics processes still dominate in many companies. The patented and award-winning TeamViewer Frontline solution, xPick addresses this critical link and aims at a profitable use of wearables in many logistics processes:

  • Manual Order Picking
  • Packing & Sorting Goods
  • Sequencing & Kitting
  • Incoming & Outgoing Goods
  • Inventory Control
  • Replenishment & Putaway

AR supported glasses are now business-as-usual at DHL

At DHL Supply Chain, the vision picking solution xPick runs on smart glasses as a worldwide standard for their warehouses.
“Digitalization is not just a vision or program for us at DHL Supply Chain, it’s a reality for us and our customers, and is adding value to our operations on the ground. Customers have been very happy about the productivity gains and are equally excited about using innovative technology at their warehouses.”
Markus Voss, CIO & COO, DHL Supply Chain

Worldwide Deployment of Vision Picking

DHL Supply Chain successfully completed its global augmented reality pilots and is expanding its “Vision Picking” solution to more warehouses around the globe, establishing a new standard in order picking for the industry. The smart glasses provide visual displays of order picking instructions along with information on where items are located and where they need to be placed on a cart, freeing pickers’ hands of paper instructions and allowing them to work more efficiently and comfortably. The international trials have shown an average improvement in productivity by 15 percent and higher accuracy rates. The user-friendly and intuitive solution has also halved onboarding and training times.

Permanent Use of Augmented Reality

After having completed a pilot program across the U.S., Mainland Europe and the UK throughout different industries such as technology, retail and consumer, DHL has now established the Vision Picking solution for the long run. The technology has matured to become a standard, replicable solution for customers, allowing faster and easier implementation in their operations and helping them to benefit from productivity gains through increased speed of operations and better picking accuracy.

A New Way of Working

Employees have been enthusiastic about being able to use state-of-the-art technology and are pleased with how light the smart glasses are, and how much more comfortable the process is now with hands-free picking. “We are very satisfied and happy that the pilot phase went so well and that we can now say augmented reality technology is one of our standard offerings at DHL Supply Chain,” Voss adds. “As one of the first logistics companies using the technology, we have truly established a new way of order picking in the industry.”


  • Augmented reality supported glasses now business-as-usual in warehouses around the globe
  • Successful completion of international trials proves stability of functionalities and value of solution
  • Productivity at trial sites has improved on average by 15 percent, with higher accuracy rates and approval ratings by users


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