Hosting Innovation, Automation and AI Vendor Technology Hub at DIGIT

Hosting Innovation, Automation and AI Vendor Technology Hub at DIGIT


  • Date - Wednesday 29th of May

  • Time - 8:30 - 17:00 BST

  • Where - Stand C6, The SEC, Glasgow, Scotland


Prianto will be at DIGIT to showcase some of their most innovative vendors, introducing:


Liquit - a company that understands the importance of seamless communication and interaction between applications and end-users. Our approach is designed to provide your IT team with the necessary management and provisioning controls that are not only fast but also simple and transparent.


NetBrain - provides a platform for network automation and visibility that simplifies hybrid network management for operators and engineers. Its top-down approach establishes and maintains business intents, transforming every network aspect into a digital twin that understands component intentions.


Teamviewer -  focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online support and collaborate in real time across the globe. Remote support, remote access, and online collaboration are not mere buzzwords. They represent helping people, better integrating technology into our daily lives, and creating new ideas.


Wallix - the world leader in digital identity and access security for IT and OT environments. WALLIX acts proactively by strengthening access controls to organizational systems, with agile, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions, thus reducing their attack surface.


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