ManyCam Lite

The virtual cam and Live-streaming-software you need to bring your video conferences, virtual training, product demonstrations, hybrid learning sessions, and webinars to the next level. Use your webcam together with other video sources or windows-applications. ManyCam can be integrated as a virtual webcam. With this, you have access to web conference programs like skype and WebEx. If you want, you can add several effects.

Product Manager

Markus Sixt
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How can ManyCam change your Live videos?

  • Connectivity: Use your Manycam lite with every Video conference software, including zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Adobe, Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, and more, inside of your VDI or every other application that supports webcam
  • Virtual backgrounds: crop your webcam field of view, remove or replace the background with HD-Pictures and -videos or use your own
  • Customizable Layers and pre-settings: Switch live between up to 200 Video pre-settings (scenes) and several layers during every presentation
  • Several video sources: Add your webcam, PowerPoint- Presentations, PDFs, NDI®-Sources, videos, pictures, YouTube-URLs, and Phone Camera
  • Remote control: Switch between video sources and control your video feed directly from mobile devices. Crate dynamic Product demonstrations, virtual courses, and presentations without expensive Hardware
  • Headlines: Easily add animated text to your Live-videos and elevate the experience of your viewers. Add your name, your company’s name, or other relevant information to video calls, conferences, or live streams
  • Symbols and text: use the symbol- and text tools, to grab your viewers’ attention and encourage engagement
  • Live-streaming and recording: record your presentations and virtual courses or go live simultaneously on YouTube & Facebook or every other Live-Streaming-Platform

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Virtual Webcam

Configurate ManyCam as your virtual webcam in every Videocall-App and use Live-video tools during your video conferences and live streams. Jump from Zoom to WebEx to Microsoft Teams or to every other app without configuring your setup new every time. ManyCam can be the perfect virtual camera software for VDI-Solutions.

Virtual Backgrounds

You can easily change or replace your Background in video conferences, Live streams, and virtual classrooms with videos and high-quality pictures. The AI mode recognizes your background without the need for a greenscreen and can replace it with videos or pictures, even your own.

Several video sources

With ManyCam Lite you can integrate several camera angles, PowerPoint- or PDF- files, prerecorded videos, Pictures, your computer screen, Applications, Web sources, and many more into your video conferences, Live-streams, virtual courses, and recordings.

Picture-in-picture layers

Several picture-in-picture layers during your video conferences and live broadcasts enable you to produce dynamic videos. With ManyCam Lite users can share their screen or add several layers with their preferred video sources to their video feed. Furthermore, can every layer be cropped, repositioned, and even equipped with round edges, including the webcam view.

Live-streaming on Facebook & YouTube

ManyCam lite makes streaming easier than ever before! It enables you to go live simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube or to quickly set up your RTMP- Stream and send it to the streaming provider of your choice. While you’re live, you have access to all features of ManyCam lite, so you can provide the best Webinar, virtual training, or Live-Stream.

Remote control

The remote-control feature enables the user to switch between video sources and to control their video feed directly from their mobile device. This is a fantastic opportunity to produce dynamic Product demonstrations, Webinars, virtual courses and presentations without the use of expensive hardware.